• Stainless Steel Tee jet
  • All stainless steel including nuts and bolts
  • Dual overspray control holes
  • 3-1/2″ and 4-1/2″ wide model available
  • 1 ft. high-pressure whip or your custom length

Item #’s
3- 1/2 inch Wide
U1560A  400psi, aluminum valve
U1560B  500psi, brass valve
U1560-ST  1,000psi, Stainless steel valve

4-1/2 inch Wide
U1564A  400psi, aluminum valve
U1564B  500psi, brass valve
U1564-ST  1,000psi, Stainless steel valve

Add a view window to any Detailer and watch as the dirt is extracted. The window allows you to make sure you get all the dirt out! Snug fitting snap-in window can be replaced easily also! SHOWN ON A U1560A-AC67

Item #
AC67A add a window to any Detailer

PMF is the original maker of the Internal Spray Detailer. Smooth rolled edges that never snag or cut fabrics, an adjustable vacuum release when using powerful vacuums in truck mount machines. 

  • All stainless steel including nuts and bolts
  • One piece stainless steel jet and stainless steel solution line 
  • Jet assembly can be exchanged for different sizes
  • 1ft. whip, HIGH pressure

Item #’s
3 1/2 inch Wide
U1560SA  400psi, aluminum valve
U1560SB  500psi, brass valve
U1560S-ST  1,000psi, Stainless Steel Valve

4 1/2 inch Wide
U1564SA   400psi, aluminum valve
U1564SB  500psi, brass valve
U1564S-ST  1,000psi, Stainless Steel Valve 

  • 3-1/2″ wide impact resistant see-thru 
  • Stainless Steel tube handle is pressed on, not glued on
  • Easy remove jet for quick cleaning on external spray model
  • New plastic heads can go up to temp of 250º

Item #’s
U1560PA   400psi external spray, 6″ whip
U1560PB   500psi external spray, 1 ft whip

  • 3-1/2″ wide impact resistant see thru plastic head allows clear view of recovery
  • Stainless Steel tube handle is pressed on, not glued on
  • New plastic heads can go up to temp of 250º

Item #’s
U1560PSA  400psi internal spray, 6″ whip
U1560PSB  500psi internal spray, 1 ft. whip


To add a stainless steel glide, request AC33-3 when ordering to any detailer

  • AC33-3 Stainless steel glides
  • Aluminum valve
  • Low pressure whip 120psi

Perfect for Car Detailing, this tool easily cleans the carpet under the seats, cleans all those tight areas around the seats and center console.

  • All stainless steel including nuts and bolts
  • Quick clean stainless steel jet set-up
  • Dual overspray control apertures

Item #’s
U1550CA  400psi, alum. valve
U1550CB  500psi, brass valve
U1550C-ST  1000psi, Stainless Steel Valve

  • Forged brass valve
  • Comes with a 6 ft., 1-1/4 inch HIDE-A-HOSE, high pressure
  • Comes with a stainless steel 1-1/2 inch vacuum hose joiner on the end so you can quickly attach vacuum line
  • Low pressures up to high pressures
  • Built in vacuum release

Item #’s
3-1/2 inch Wide
U1570  500psi, external spray
U1570S  500psi, internal spray

4-1/2 inch Wide
U1574  500psi, external spray
U1574S  500psi, internal spray


  • Open Spray upholstery tool
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 4″ wide pick-up head, 9″ handle
  • Overspray control holes
  • K2 standard jet

Item #’s
U1510  120psi, plastic valve
U1515  300psi, brass valve

  • Closed spray upholstery tool
  • Spray is contained which retains heat better
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 4″ wide head, 9″ handle
  • K2 standard jet
  • Overspray control holes
  • Removable bolt-on valve hanger for easy servicing of valve

Item #’s
U1510C   120psi, plastic valve
U1515C   300psi, brass valve

  • Ergonomic design also allows access to tighter areas
  • Closed spray contains spray and maintains heat better

Item #’s
U1520CA  400psi, alum. valve, 6″ whip
U1520CB  500psi, brass valve, 1 Ft whip
U1520C-ST  1,000psi stainless steel valve, 1Ft whip

  • Open spray upholstery tool
  • Allows access to tighter areas
  • Available in closed or open spray
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 4″ wide head, 9″ handle

Item #’s
U1520A  400psi, alum. valve, 6″ whip
U1520B  500psi, brass valve, 1ft. whip
U1520ST   1,000psi stainless steel valve, 1 ft. whip

  • 4″ wide clear plastic head
  • 9″ stainless handle
  • Replaceable head is easily repaired in the field
  • Brass vee jet
  • 6″ whip high pressure

Item #’s
U1530A  400psi, alum. valve
U1530B  500psi, brass valve

  • Spray jet enclosed in the vacuum chamber, prevents over spray
  • Thumb slide vac release allows control of the amount of solution applied and the amount of suction
U1530SA  400psi, alum. valve, 6″ whip on low pressure
U1530SB  500psi, brass valve, 1 foot whip on high pressure
  • All quality stainless steel construction
  • Replaceable Teflon Glide
  • Brass flood jet

Item #’s

U1520ATF  4″ Teflon Glide Tool
V1245 aluminum valve, high pressure
High Temp

U1520BTF 4″ Teflon Glide Tool
V1245B brass valve, high pressure 500psi, High Temp


This specialized hand tool is meant for cleaning those really dirty surfaces like Tile, Cement, Stone and Brick.  The dual internal spray jets blast the dirt while the fully enclosing scrubbing brush adds to the cleaning action.

    • 2 stainless steel jets
    • Full scrubbing brush
    • Easily replaced components
    • Grip Handle

Item #’s
U1590SB  500psi brass valve
U15090SB-ST  1000psi, Stainless Steel valve

  • 6″ Teflon glide tool
  • V1245B Forged brass valve
  • Stainless steel stem and handle
  • 500psi, high temp
  • Replaceable Teflon glide
  • Cast aluminum hanger 1-1/2″ or 1-1/4″

Item’s #

C15106B  Recovery Tool
6″ Wide Tool w/Teflon Glide

C15106TF   6″ Teflon Glide Tool
6″ Wide Tool w/Teflon Glide
V1245 aluminum valve, low pressure 120psi Low temp

C15106ATF  6″ Teflon Glide Tool
6″ Wide Tool w/Teflon Glide
V1245 aluminum valve,  400psi High temp

C15156ST-TF   6″ Teflon Glide Tool
6″ Wide Tool w/Teflon Glide
V1245S Cast Stainless steel valve, high pressure 1000psi High temp


  • These tools only do recovery of pre-sprayed cleaning solutions
  • Perforated edge prevents fabrics from being sucked into vacuum chamber
  • All stainless steel construction

Item #’s
C15104B  4 inch bare, no valve
C15106B  6 inch bare, no valve

  • Applies cleaning solution just like an upholstery tool
  • Perforated vacuum edge prevents fabric from being sucked into vacuum chamber
  • All stainless steel including nuts and bolts

Item #’s
4 inch Wide
C15104A  400psi, alum. valve
C15154B  500psi, brass valve

6 inch Wide
C15106A  400psi, alum. valve
C15156B  500psi, brass valve

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