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Stair Tools

  • All stainless steel including nuts and bolts
  • Extra long handle with assist handle allows you to use leverage for those extra dirty areas.


Item #’s
S1510 300psi open spray
S1511 500psi open spray
S1512 800psi open spray
S1513 1250psi open spray
  • All the same features as the open spray stair tool
  • Closed spray allows the heat to be retained and prevents over spray


Item #’s
S1510C 300psi closed spray
S1511C 500psi closed spray
S1512C 800psi closed spray
S1513C 1250psi closed spray

  • 8” plastic head
  • V120 plastic valve 120psi
  • Brass vee jet
  • Padded assist handle


Item #
S1540P 120psi plastic valve

Add a set of stainless steel glides which prevents wear of the plastic head.
Order AC33-8A

  • This stair tool is 1-1/4” and expanded to 1-1/2” to accept your 1-1/2”  vacuum hose
  • 9-3/4” wide pickup head
  • All stainless steel including nuts and bolts
  •  V1-EZ forged brass valve


Item #’s
S1540  1,000psi open spray
S1540C  1,000psi closed spray

  • 30” long Stair Tool has a swivel head, great for cleaning stairs
  • 9-3/4” s/s head has a slotted Teflon glide.
  • Glide is replaceable


Item #
S1540SV2GL  1,000psi, V1-EZ forged brass valve
  • Padded assist handle
  • 1 jet brass Vee jet
  • Available in closed spray also
  • Does not come standard with Teflon glides, order AC33-S1540, only available for open spray


Item #’s
S1540SV   1,000psi open spray, V1-EZ forged brass valve
S1540SVC  1,000psi closed spray, V1-EZ forged brass valve

  • Tool operates at 15° from floor level
  • 9-1/4” wide pickup head
  • All stainless steel including nuts and bolts
  • Stainless steel solution line
  • Dual vee jets
  • Padded assist handle
  • Black vinyl grip protects you from high heat

Item #’s
S1530   1,000psi valve, V1-EZ forged brass valve
S1530C  1,000psi closed spray, V1-EZ forged brass valve

  • 40” tall with the bend at the head allows wand to go under things
  •  9-3/4” head
  • 2 jets
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Comes standard with 1,000psi
  • Comes with padded assist handle

Item #’s
S1530-DBL 1,000psi V1-EZ  brass valve

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